Saturday, February 2, 2019

Winter Warm Up Water

Winter warm up water!

      With the big warm up coming today and through Tuesday you might want to test your sump pump. Seems like when you need it, that's when it fails and now you and a thousand other wet footed people are clambering to get the last one on the shelf.
      Two things are about to happen with the excess water in this warm up. First, it will not have anywhere to go but stay on the surface because the ground is frozen. Second, it will slide down the crack that now exists between your foundation wall and the frozen ground, and enter through any crack that may be there.
      So test that sump pump now to see if it works; and if it doesn't, you'll have time for a leisurely breakfast before you meander your way down to the hardware store and causally stroll over to the empty sump pump aisle.

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