Monday, February 4, 2019

Winter Thaw, Good for the Evergreens

Winter Thaw, good for the Evergreens

     Only in Michigan can you have temps in the minus numbers at the beginning of the week and balmy low 50’s by the end of the week. But there is a very good up side to this, other than just the nice break from the bitter cold.
     Evergreens are always storing water reserves; the winter months however can tax these supplies. This is where the January and February thaws come into play. If the ground isn’t completely frozen where the plant sits water will get down around the roots and replenish the evaporate or sucked up reserves.
     This reminds me to make mention that a late October to mid November soaking with the hose around all your evergreens will help keep them hydrated throughout the winter until these thaws happen (sometimes they don’t).
     Clay soils will not necessarily need this kind of attention if the fall was a typically wet one; you could waterlog the plants.
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