Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Day

Good chance you are reading this in a dwelling where the furnace is just purring along...while sitting on something comfortable.

Chances are you'll be getting ready to start the day with a shower of water in abundance, and a choice of clothing to ponder that is equally endless.
Breakfast will be another exercise in choice but only after you've move a bunch of other taste treats to get at it.

Very possible people have invited you, or you've invited them, over to help enjoy a feast that truly is a feast in anybody's mind.
...and you didn't have to hitch up the buckboard to get there, or walk 5 miles... No, you got in your car or truck...a heated car or truck...


We have been blessed with some amazing "stuff"!
But in and amongst this stuff today will be the necks you'll hug, the hands you'll hold, and the voices you'll hear...these are the "good gifts" God has given thankful to Him, for them today...
Have a great day of Thanksgiving!

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