Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Trees in my Yard

You might be wondering “where did all these little trees come from?”
            Yards and landscaping are teeming with them this spring like never before.

I have a theory.

            This winter had record snow fall, and like a comforter on a bed with an electric mattress pad this depth insulated the ground from freezing…hold this thought.
            Two years ago we had a drought causing trees and plant life in general to panic into believing death was at hand…hold this thought.
            Our fall was rather wet…hold that thought.
            Lots of animals died due to a lack of food at hand…yep, hold that thought too.

            What do these things have to do with the miniature forest in my yard?

            *The drought of two years ago set in motion a need to propagate, causing trees and plants to shift into heavy seed production; a “last gasp” as it were to insure that their spices lives on.
            *The heavy snowfall did two things. It so insulated the soil that it never did freeze; and when that happens the seeds that germinated during our warm wet fall continued to grow unhindered.
            *The deep snow also made it difficult to nigh unto impossible for animals to forage on these seeds.
            Put all these conditions together and you have the perfect environment trifecta for a woods in you grass and landscaping.

            Now, what can you do about it?

            Out in the yard the lawn mower will take care of all of them; maybe not on the first couple of mowing, but as they raise their leafy heads up high enough they will eventually Marie Antoinette themselves.
Out in the landscaping you can pull them, or cover them with bark; the bark option requires at least three inches to smother them.

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