Thursday, June 15, 2017

Does Lighting Green Up The Grass?

           Yes and no.

            During a thunderstorm the electrical energy in a bolt of lightning is able to break the strong nitrogen bonds. The nitrogen then quickly attaches to oxygen, forming nitrogen dioxide, a key ingredient in many fertilizers. However, it doesn't produce enough to make a difference. And, any nitrogen oxide formed would be blown a great distance away, and would take days to actually wash down to the ground. Whatever help the nitrogen oxides is happens much farther away, and after a storm.

            My guess is, like dust on the table or chairs, grass gets dulled up by what’s blowing around and settling on it. A thunderstorm, with its bolt upon bolt of lightning is rarely a “gentle rain”. The next morning everything look greener and crisp.

            To answer the question above: Yes it does, but not from the lightning that took out your TV set; the people in the next county benefited from your misfortune.

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