Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Dreaded Lachanophobia

            Does your child suffer from Lachanophobia? Does he recoil and convulse while at the dinner table? Is there much weeping and gnashing of teeth because of this phobia; this “fear of vegetables”? Consider this, then, from a father of seven.

            One would think that out of seven children I’d have one that would have put up a stink about eating their vegetables, but we didn’t. I contribute this, to the fact that we had a garden to which they were all up close and personal. They saw the stuff grow, they got used to it little by little. They picked it and tried some of it while it was still on the vine, stem, or stalk. It wasn’t dumped on their plate during one of their bad moods; it wasn’t used as a punishment in order to go out and play. They were able to get used to it on their own time.

            I’m sure there are Psychiatrists out there that would love to charge you $100.00 an hour to get your little angel to eat his peas or beans. Till up a little spit of land and grow what they fear; I think you’ll be surprised at the results. Don’t have the land? 3 gallon shrub pots will work too.

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