Sunday, April 16, 2017

Resurrection Sunday!!

What an amazing Savior we have!

He had the power to cancel the whole thing, or at the very least greatly diminish His pain and suffering.

* Just a couple of comments to Pilot’s questions would have had Him released; Pilot was already desperately looking for a reason to let Him go. Herod just needed to see a little miracle.

* He could have greatly reduced the pain and agony inflicted by the Roman scourges and mockers by removing the demonic influence that had taken them over at that moment; He had done so for others so many times in the past, two thousand were sent into pigs just a few months ago.

* He could have endowed Himself with the same strength He gave Samson when he carried the city gates on his shoulders to the top of a hill; but He choose to stumble and fall under the weight of our cross.

* He could have taken the wine mixed with gall to deaden the pain; or at the very least changed it into something that tasted better; He had done that with water at a wedding just three years prior.

*He could have stopped His terrible bleeding with a word; just a touch of His robe stopped a life time of bleeding just a week ago.

*The ground could have opened up and swallowed those standing around the cross jeering and mocking like in the days of Cora, Dathan and Abirum; but He let it happen  a ways away only to let some who had died, resurrect and pave the way for a great revival fifty three days from then.

* He could have asked the Father to speak to the crowd and say to them the same thing He said when He was baptized. He could have summoned the same host of angels to give His death the same glorious end as they did in announcing His glorious birth.

* Like the song says; “He could have called ten thousand angles to destroy the world and set Him free; but He died alone for you and me”.

Blessings to you on this glorious Easter Sunday; a day that speaks “Well done my Son, Arise!”

            The Niemeyer’s

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