Monday, February 10, 2014

Ravages of Winter

            Our cold snowy winter just might add insult to injury this spring.
            Hate to be the bearer of bad tidings folks, but the coldness of this winter may have done in the flowering potential of the forsythia this spring. When temperatures and wind chills get down to the -20’s the buds die on these plants.  

            Japanese Maples, especially the Lacy Leafs, have a hard time enduring these polar environments. Being a grafted specialty plant, it’s at this graft where they are the most vulnerable.

            Like I mentioned in an earlier Blog, the snow depths are causing animals to eat whatever they can find above the snow.

            You might entertain the thought “I’ll put out food so as to keep them away from the shrubbery”…not a good idea.

             Have you ever sat on the beach with a bag of chips? You’re there nibbling away and a solitary seagull glides down in front of you. He stares at you, you stare back at him, and he waits. You reward his patience with a chip; he takes it…and waits again. You throw another one, but this time not so far; and he cautiously goes and gets it. This goes on for a minute or so. But then the strangest thing starts to happen, one by one other seagulls start dropping in; and it’s a mystery why. You saw no cell phone call made by the first patron; in fact all was relatively silent, but yet here they all come, and there are hundreds of them. This will be your backyard if you take pity on the your little furbearing friends.

            Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about the three mentioned scenarios; it is what it is, in winters like these. Fox lures or human hair might slow things down a bit, but after a while hunger knows no caution. And buds and grafts can handle just so much cold.  

            Well, that’s all the cheery news I have for today, but just remember, they say “there are no two snowflakes alike”… Who in the world said that!?! Have you ever seen anybody in your backyard with a microscope looking at your snowflakes…?

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