Monday, February 3, 2014



            While on the deck out back of the house, one can feel like a guppies in a fish bowl in a Pet Shop store window; the Honey Locust can give you some privacy without the feel of a thick foliaged rain forest.

            This tree when planted looks spindly; unless of course you pay the big money and buy one with a 3 inch truck or bigger. But don’t be discouraged, the Honey Locust  grows very quickly  and will  fill out quickly in a sunny location, reaching a height of around 40 feet with a slightly larger spread.

            The deck appeal of this tree is that it is rather airy in density; you won’t feel like you’re sitting behind a wall of leaves as with Maples, or a barrier of pine boughs like with evergreens.

            Planting under these trees is not just restricted to shade loving plants; a host of semi-sun things are also an option.

            Come fall, the leaf clean up is virtually nothing. The wind carries these little 1 inch by 1/4 inch leaves into the neighbor’s yard, which then blows into the other neighbor’s yard, and into the other’s, and so on and so on… 

            There is a fragrant flower in mid-spring, and bees do take advantage of this early bloom; it is after all a Honey Locust. I don’t think you’ve got to wear a bee hat when sitting out there, just be aware of the bees.

            The drawback of this tree is the shallowness of its root system. You will want to plant other things under this tree for mowing any grass under it will be a bumpy ride.

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