Sunday, April 30, 2017

Check the Sump Pump

            It is going to be as warm as they “so matter-a-factly” said last week, and this raised a warning in my mind to check the sump pump.

            Without fail, when you need it the most, that’s when it decides to give up the ghost; and to make matters worse lots of them expire during times of great demand, making them like hen’s teeth to find in the store.

            So, go down and test it; pull up on the trip switch and listen to it run. If you hear a nice hum and water is rushing up the pipe great! If it sounds like there’s a lot of grinding going on you might want to scamper down to the hardware store and pick up a new one before they’re all gone.

            If you really want to be safe, and your sump crock is big enough, you might want to consider two pumps.

            Your back up pump should be the long rod style. You can set the float ball at any height up and down this rod. Let’s say your main pump turns on when the water reaches six inches, you can then set the float ball on the long rod pump to come on if the water reaches 8 inches; so in case of the first pump’s failure the back pump will engage.

            Hopefully, the snow melt will be slow and the rain fall light. But whatever happens your sump pump will get a workout. Let’s make sure it doesn’t decide to exit this vale-of-tears when it’s needed most.

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  1. The other day I was outside in my backyard and realized that there was some water flowing out. I started to become concern. I had to look into the plumbing to find the problem. We were lucky to find that a pipe was cracked. We had to shut off the water to put in a new pipe. We are happy to have our yard back to the way it was.