Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Anything’s a Meal When the Snow’s Three Feet Deep!

Anything’s a Meal When the Snow’s Three Feet Deep!

            The blanket of snow over everything is beautiful to us snug in our homes with full cupboards and refrigerators; but to the animal life out there it’s a different matter.

            To the rodents that scamper about, life is a race between life and death. Resourcefulness is the order of the day; remembering where that nut was buried could be all that stands between him and death…unless you have a burning bush, or some other shrubbery with tender stems and branches.

            This is where the “Winter Wonderland Pictured” outside becomes a “Lifeless Landscaping Look” in the spring.

            What animals won’t touch during the buffets of spring, summer, or fall, is now taking on more appeal. Never do they make a bee line to your euonymus bushes during the warmer months when the grub is plentiful. But now even the nastiest of greenery (or “stickery” would be eaten with relish.
            I’m not saying there’s anything you can do about it this late in the game, but what could be tried is sprinkling things like fox urine or used kitty litter around your roses, burning bush (anything in the euonymus family), lilac, forsythia and so on. Maybe the fear of being torn apart by a fox or Mountain Lion (they don’t know it’s Mitttens your declawed portly house cat) might make them think twice about venturing any further.

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