Wednesday, January 8, 2014


            If you’re getting sick of the Pachysandra, Ivy, and Myrtle options because of your shady situation give Lamuim a try. Not only does it flower in the spring, it has a variegated leaf with a look all its own.

            It’s always a plus when somebody discovers another shade lover in the botanical world; and most folks do not know about this one. This native to Europe, Asia, and northern Africa grows to about 8 inches in height, and spreads by both seeds and its stems.

            The common name "deadnettle" refers to the very distantly related stinging nettles, but unlike those, they do not have stinging hairs and so are harmless or apparently "dead".

            They are frost hardy and grow well in most soils. The yellow flowering types are more shade loving than the white and pink varieties but I have grown the whites and pinks in very shady areas with very good success.

            As you can see by the pictures they are a very “noticed” plant in the garden, and since they are short, they are typically in the front, close to foot traffic.

            Shady areas are of course darker settings; these plants, with their whitish variegated leaf, brighten them up. So if you’re getting sick of the same old “green” leaves, give Lamium a try this spring.

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