Thursday, November 23, 2017



            Two simple words, “thanks” and “giving”

            To say “thank you” for all that God has given us, doesn’t seem to say enough. We can’t begin to comprehend all that He does for us. Even if we tried to list all the blessings that come our way from His hand, our finite little brains would only be scratching the surface of what He truly does for us.
            So He makes it easy for us to be thankful by example.

            *He started out by taking simple dirt and forming it into a vessel into which He could           breathe His likeness.

            *He took simple animal skins to dress His disobedient children so they wouldn’t get cold.

            *He, the King of Kings, chose a simple shed, in which to be born, as well as a simple manger in which to sleep, when he came to redeem His disobedient children.

            *He simply walked throughout a chosen people, wearing simple clothing while He told the simple people of His Father’s love for them.

            *His death to redeem fallen man was on a rugged cross, two pieces of random wood.

            *His grave was someone else’s.

            *He left from a simple hill, and will return to the same hill, when He is finished preparing a place for us.

           He knows we are simple. He knows we can’t comprehend His greatness, He knows we want to thank Him at times. So He says “just Give thanks”, just say Thank You.eHe

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