Friday, November 17, 2017

Oil For Your Fruit Trees?

            Because the temps are going to reach above 40 this weekend there is one other bit of preventative maintenance for your fruit trees (this also includes any ornamental landscape trees as well) is in the realm of bug control.

Entomological life forms (bugs) don’t venture very far from where they were last year. “Then how did they get into my tree”, you may be asking yourself? That is a very good question, to which I have to say “I don’t know”. But they’re there aren’t they?

This year’s bugs came from the eggs their mom laid in the fall last year. She, not being the traveling type, probably laid them on the same tree she lived on all her life. This is good for you, for you can do away with them all with an insect oil spray like Volic by Ortho

A coating of this over their eggs smothers them out; evidently these eggs need to breath.
Pick a day when the temperature is above freezing, and spray every part of every trunk, branch, and twig.

Hopefully the bugs that were bugging you last year won’t be bugging you next year.

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