Friday, November 6, 2015

No Brush Cuts for the Ornamental Grasses Please:

            This time of year the pruners are wielded raucously with last minute touch ups. Wild hairs on the shrubbery are removed, annuals are jerked up by the roots, and perennials are cut to the ground. The Ornamental Grasses may also find themselves in the herbivoreical barber’s chair as well.

            I say “may” because some folks leave them up for the winter interest. But if you are one who likes them ready for Spring before Winter arrives, then do them this one favor; leave about 6 inches of tuft, don’t cut them to the dirt. This will give them a little added insulation; kind of like you wearing a hat out in the snow. Can you live without the hat? Probably. Will you be better off and more comfortable with a hat on your head? Yes.

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