Thursday, November 2, 2017

More About Mouse Damage

            We hate Mieces to Pieces: at least that’s what we who are in our fifties were told to do on Saturday mornings. Well, the new trees you planted this year, and last, are hoping you remember that little PC incorrect line; for they aren’t too keen on being a rodent snack this winter.

            Trees about one inch diameter become culinary “ports in the storm” when the snow gets deep enough to hinder Mickey and his ilk from foraging. They will nestle up next to your fine $70.00 specimen and snack on it all winter if need be; it might not be their meal of choice, but it’s a meal.

            Your best defense against these little backyard Disney characters, and their ugly tailless step-cousins the Voles, are tree trunk wraps. Whether you choose plastic wraps, tar paper brown, a good wrap job will either keep the varmints. busy trying to gnaw through the plastic or get a mouth full of tar. Either way your landscape investment is safe.

            What about my 2 inch or bigger trees?

            As the tree trunk gets bigger the bark gets thicker; and as the bark gets thicker the effort it takes to get to the edible part gets greater. You can tell the severity of the winter by the size of the trees nibbled on.

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  1. Glad that you shared your experience with us. I really liked it and I would like you to add more stuff in it with pictures. Thanks for the share.