Saturday, November 7, 2015

Winter Rose Care

         Winter care brings many suggestions, some cone them, some pile dirt around the crowns, some don't do anything (this is risky business). I like to suggest piling finely chopped bark called finds or possessed bark around the crown.

            The rose is a tough plant, though stories you may have heard would tell a different tale. The reason being:  the crown (the place where the top is grafted to the root) must be protected from not only sudden freezes and sudden thaws, but also from drying winds; this is its Achilles’ heel. The bark also lets the plant breath better.

           But if you are convinced that cones are the way to go because your Mom used them and her Dad before her, and his Dad before him, all the way back to a time when Styrofoam was not invented, be sure you take them off during warm spring days, but keep the handy in case of frosty spring nights. If left on to long the heat generated under them will convince the plant that spring has arrived before it actually has, or, in a winter thaw situation, it’s flushing out leaves like it was celebrating Memorial Day.

            This is why I like the mounding bark method, or what's pictured above; the roots and crown are protected, and the top isn’t falling victim to the “Siren Song” of a premature Spring.

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