Thursday, October 12, 2017

Watering in the Fall

            We’ve had some fantastic weather so far this fall. Warm and sunny days with cooler evenings in October can lull us into thinking the water needs of the new plantings, as well as some of the established stuff, is being met.

            Summer with its heat makes us more aware of the lack of water the in the lawn and landscaping. Cool and comfortable weather, along with the minimal rain does not.

            You can croak just as easily hiking on a nice fall day as you can in the blistering heat. The thing about the blistering heat hike, “bringing water along” is a top priority; hiking on a nice fall day the camera is of top priority. Squeeze as you may, no water will ooze from your camera, at best it will only record your last minutes of life, and how important it was to bring water.

            Your plants would love you to be aware of this before it’s too late for them.

            Deciduous plants (fall leaf droppers) can communicate this to you better than Conifers (evergreens) can. They yell out to you with drooping leaves; “Hey! We’re dying over here!!” Conifers suffer in silence; by the time you realize they’ve passed on it’s too late.

            Yes, we’ve had a nice rain but do your plants a favor and let the water trickle on them for a couple hours, all night if it’s a tree or big Arb. Get the ground under them moist, down where the roots are, instead of just the top 2 inches of soil.


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