Sunday, November 19, 2017

Squirrels on my Feeder

            Looks harmless doesn’t he.
            But he will decimate the contents of your feeder quicker than you can say Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale (bet you didn’t know that was Natasha’s last name did you. I’d also dare say you thought she and Boris were married didn’t you?).

            Squirrels are enviable. In the city they have no predators but the family automobile. They roam free throughout the backyards of your neighborhoods looking for nut and acorn trees, spring bulbs, and the free handouts represented in your bird feeders.

             Unlike the birds they don’t mind their friends sharing in your bounty. Sometimes there can be as many as eight to ten of these moochers scarfing up what the winged slobs above them have tossed out.

            This would be fine but squirrels become discontent with their daily allotment from on high. After a while they become bored with being the vacuum cleaners around the base of the feeder; they begin to look up… and this is where it starts to go very bad.

            At this time I would like to direct you to the article I did on this subject in greater detail. In it I talk about the different ways you can measure the intelligence of the squirrels in your neighborhood, and the different devise to control them. Go to and click on the YouTube Enhanced Garden Articles tab; Scroll down to the third article, the one titled Squirrels.

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