Thursday, October 26, 2017

“Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful…”

            Well it’s not powdery mildew we’re seeing out there; if it was we could just spray it with a fungicide and be done with it. Nope nature has drawn first blood so to speak and gardening for 2013 has officially shut down.

            But if you did not get a chance to tie up all the loose ends out there don’t worry this isn’t going to last. You will still have a chance to clean off the garden tools and spread a light coat of oil over the metal parts to keep them from awaking in the spring with rust stubble beards on the shovels and cavities on the rake teeth.

           There will still be time to change the oil in the power equipment and sharpen the mower blades in anticipation for next spring (put a coat of oil on this as well).

            Don’t listen to the weather person they’re only interested in making sure you don’t change the channel during their little two minute segment, and to accomplish this they need to paint as gloomy a picture as they can.

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