Thursday, October 8, 2015

Making Your Pumpkin Decorations Last:

            Yep, you left it out on the steps just a little too long; you were going to throw it in the trash last week but you didn’t. You saw the little black mushy spot but you figured you still had some time; it’s still fall yet, and you thought you could squeeze a little more time out of your autumn display. But no, it’s a rotten mess on the steps now, leaking some discussing libation right where your walk.

            Yep, the pumpkin went bad; forget using your hands, you’re going to need a snow shovel to clear it away from the stoop now.

            There are some things you can do to your pumpkins and gourds to get them to the trash can before they start grow hair and oozing fluids.

            First, make sure the stems are still attached. If you pick it up and the handle pops off let it roll away. Where the stem attaches to the pumpkin or gourd is the most vulnerable spot for fungus if they separate. So don’t be afraid to pick it up by the stem, if it can’t stay on under its own weight you don’t want it.

            After it passes the “stem test” bring it home and give it a bath in 10 parts water and one part bleach. These fall orbs have been on a wild ride together. Some of their traveling buddies may have picked up some fungus spores; and grinding away up against one another they have a tendency to “spared the love” amongst themselves. Soaking them down for ten minute will not only clean off the farm and travel dirt, but also kill some of the diseases that have clung to your purchase.

            After you’ve dried them spread a little Vaseline on them. Not only will they shine, but did you ever try to pick one up smeared in Vaseline? This is a great dissuader to the would be thieves and vandals.

            Now they should last until you want to throw them out, and not because need too.

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