Saturday, October 14, 2017

Killing Ground Ivy and Violets

            Droughts can show us the toughness of some of the weeds out there. While everything else was dying, weeds like Creeping Charley (commonly called Ground Ivy) and Violets seemed to be thriving. This will give you a hint as to how difficult it is to rid your lawn of these invasive weeds.

            At a loss as to what to do most folks go down to the big box store where the young pimplely faced kid suggest Weed-b-Gon; which is a good choice I might add. But what he fails to mention is that one application of this herbicide will not be enough to kill these tough herbivoreical hombres to the root. The leaves will die, but they will come back in a week or two.

            To truly kill these weeds you will have to spray it once a day for two days in a row; this will put enough weed killer into the plant to kill them to their roots. Just make sure there is no rain in the forecast during those two days.

            But the reason I’m bringing this up now is because in the next few days a killing frost will make them weaker, and even more susceptible to the ravages of your Weed-b-Gon.

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