Friday, October 31, 2014

Fall Perennial Clean Up.

            Some folks like to get the jump on fall clean up, and you can if you are careful. Green leaves and stems mean the tops are still pretty chummy with the roots, and will fight you if your intention is to make them part ways. Pulling at them can cause them to uproot.

            Also, some plants are still in a draining mode. What I mean here is that some plants drain some of their leaf energy back into the root for its survival; to disconnect this dance now could harm it for next year, be it diminished flowers or the demise of the plant itself.

            I like to wait until the leave have turn into their fall color, this means the plant is going dormant. On their own the two have called it quits for the year. They’ve had their goodbye potlucks, the roots are getting ready to go to sleep, the tops are preparing for their horrific end, be that by fire, garbage truck, or a billion tiny organisms consuming their very being; it’s not very pretty.

           If you wait just a tad longer the tops separate effortlessly from the roots, making fall cleanup easy.
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