Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Fall Landscaping:

           Wouldn’t you know it, we come into the best perennial, shrub and tree planting time and there’s squat available at the perennial, shrub and tree store. But… there is some stuff left, and it is price rather cheaply I might add.

            Yes, now is the best time to plant. All vegetation in our neck of the woods is getting ready to take that long winter’s nap. This means what’s above the ground goes dormant and doesn’t require nourishment, making the plant very forgiving as it starts its new life on your property.

            Though the top is going to sleep, the roots will still be active, until the frost works its way down to them. The beauty of this is like kids being carried out of the car after coming home late at night from Grandma’s and Grandpa’s, and tucked into bed; they wake up in familiar surroundings, but don’t know how they got there. Plants too wake up feeling rather established because of the new root growth that happen while they were sleeping.

            So haul out that landscape plan you thought would have to wait until Spring and see what you can get now dirt cheap.

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