Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Winter Fertilizer

            Just when you thought you could put away the fertilizer spreader…

            You will need it one more time; and this is the most important spread of the year.

            All this year you’ve been putting down, or have paid someone to put down, high nitrogen fertilizer, the first number on the fertilizer bag; the stuff that really greens up the lawn.

            “So”, you say.

            This is like giving your lawn bottles of 5 hour Energy shots every month. It greens it up, but it doesn’t really do anything else. Nitrogen is basically just for the leaves, in other words: anything above the topsoil.

            And again you say “So, I like it green”

            But like any good architect will tell you, “it’s all about the foundation”. Skimp on the foundation and the building ceases to be upright in time. So it is with grass; the top is only as strong as its root.

            Winter fertilizer concentrates its attention on the roots of the plant with the last two numbers on the fertilizer bag, and pays very little attention to the greenery.

           Your grass will go dormant very soon; at least what you see will stop growing. But not so with the roots, they will keep growing until the ground around them freezes. The roots will keep sucking up what this winter fertilizer provides; for it is exactly what the roots need to build other roots. And more roots mean a stronger plant, and a stronger plant means healthier green for your eyes next summer.

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