Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Sweetening up the Brussels sprouts:

After a week of vacation it's good to be back!

             Most kids, and adults dislike Brussels Sprouts; most kids and adults have never had a Brussels sprout that has been picked after a couple of hard frosts. But before we can pick them we need to grow up what’s on the stalk.

            At the moment they are in a “growing taller” mode, and will continue to get taller until the day temps are the same as the frosty night temps.

            The trouble with height growth is that energy is being drawn away from fattening up the sprouts that are growing on the stalk, and is instead being pumped into future leaves and sprouts that will never see maturity.

            So how do we fatten up the little nubs already there? Simple, you pinch out the tops of the Brussels sprouts. You grab hold of the leaves and a little bit of the stalk where they connect and pinch it right off.

            With the top removed the energy that was directed there will find its way to the sprouts, and this will hasten their maturity.

            Side Note: All Cole Crops (Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower …)  seem to benefit from a couple of good hard frosts; the sugars are magnified with each frost.

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