Friday, September 15, 2017

Spring Bulb Planting Time!

            The best time to plant spring bulbs is now to mid November; later planting may result in short stems and smaller flowers. 

The bulbs grow best in well-drained light loam. The soil should be deep and enriched with plenty of manure to insure good plant growth and large flowers over a period of several years. Fertilizers such as bone meal or compost are excellent side dressings, but bone meal should be worked deep into the soil to keep dogs from digging up your bulbs."  

Tulips and other spring bulbs usually do better, and bloom earlier in the sun than in half shade. Daffodils on the other hand seem to grow anywhere.

Large bulbs should be planted deeper than small ones. The ideal depth is from four to nine inches deep. If the bulbs are planted too deep, they weaken as they push through the soil, but if planted too shallow, the frost may heaved them out of the soil.

When setting the bulbs in the soil, give a half twist as though screwing the bulb into the soil; this assures that the base of the bulb is in direct contact with the soil.

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