Sunday, October 15, 2017


            Boy did some people get hit hard yesterday. Rain gauges in the Grandville and Wyoming areas show levels pushing up over the 2 inch mark.

            For those of you with puddles in your yard, now might be a good time to “flag” those low areas that retain water. No need to wait until you’re fishing your mower out of the marsh; look now to see where the puddling low spots are, and later, where they disappeared last. Once determined where the very lowest spots are and flagged, you can install drain tile to carry the excess away when the ground is firmer and digable.

           You will need to pipe this water to a lower spot on your property; this will only work if you can activate this law of physics.

            There are a number of lawn drains out there if you wish the water to exit quickly. Or you can run perforated tile under the soggy spots and let the water perk away into this tile. Keep in mind that all tile must gradually run down hill from these low spots; a transit work great for this, but a 4 foot level will accomplish this as well.   

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