Wednesday, July 26, 2017

What is a Weed?

           What is a weed? "A weed is a plant not belonging in its present location."

            Does this mean that if you are growing Dandelions and a Rose pops upon the middle of them, the Rose a weed? Roses are exempt from this rule. But, if a Carnation or a Black-eyed- Susan, or some other perennial rears up and says “look at me”, it’s a weed; but pulling it is up to you.

            Back to the weeds… You have two options: pulling or spraying. Pulling is back breaking work, and takes a while, but you do feel like you’ve accomplished something, the weeds are gone. But are they…………?

            Spraying Weed-b-gon or Roundup will kill them root and all; but in order to know if they all perished, you will need a week.

            I think the spraying route is still the best, because it kills the plant root and all; if you pull the weed and leave some of the root in the ground it will come back.

            Just remember Roundup kills everything in the plant world! Weed-b-gon will not kill grass or grasses, just broad leaf weeds.

            So, if you want to win the war on weeds keep a spray bottle of Roundup handy and spray the weeds you see, don’t pull them.

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