Thursday, July 27, 2017

More Roses Please!

            When most plants produce a seed, or seeds, their reason for flower production comes to an end. The whole reason for flowers, in their world, is not to look pretty for you; but to attract  bees, butterflies or humming birds for reproduction purposes. Once that is accomplished there is no reason to grind out any more flowers.

            Those little seed balls that form on your roses after the flower pedals have dropped off are the result of a fertilized flower; if you cut those off, or better yet remove the spent flower before this little seed ball starts to grow, you will force your rose to keep on blooming.

            If you are faithful in doing this your roses will produce a boatload of flowers. But with this excessive flower production comes an excessive draining of nutrients in the ground around them. Some Rose Food will need to be added, as the instructions on the bag or box will indicate, in order to keep them clamoring to produce.

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