Thursday, August 24, 2017

Furry Thief in the Garden

The picture says it all.

I was just told of this by my daughter Chelsea; seems her boss witnessed this first hand.

... As to the solution to end this pilferage you can spray your fruit with a cayenne pepper spray; one little nibble on one of those and they’ll remember that for a while.

Building chicken wire cages around them has been done by people with absolutely nothing to do all day.

Live trapping them and bringing them away to be somebody else’s problem works well. Remember, you have in your trap a furry mammal that has a craving for tomatoes; so if you are going to transport him somewhere, let that somewhere be out in the middle of an oak forest if possible. Taking a drunk out of one bar and bringing him to the parking lot of another bar is not helping the drunk.

I could mention the gun but I won’t, but then I guess I just did. A number of problems arise with this alternative. City folks can’t. You will need a Small Game license. The neighbor might cry.

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