Monday, July 17, 2017

Picking Tomatoes

      Harvesting Tomatoes can get complicated, and should be left to the professionals. But, if you wish to do this yourself and brave the perils of uncertainty, read on, I will try and walk you through it.

To do the job properly you will need a cardboard box (roughly 2’x2’x18” high), a stick, 100’feet of string, and some sunflower seeds. Your quest, your mission, the male Cardinal.

            Position the stick so it holds up the box in a way that causes the box to be angled off the ground. Place the seeds under this angled box, with a few outside the box for visibility. Attach the string to the stick, unwind it to a hidden location, and wait for the cardinals.

Once the bird is secured pick only the tomatoes that match his color. If you find that your tomatoes are rather hard and tasteless it is very possible you’ve caught the female of the species.

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