Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Picking Tomatoes (part 2)

            This technique works best with those living in sight of a traffic light; but those not so fortunate can employ a video camera with an “on camera” play back feature; either way timing here will be the key.

            You will notice that the traffic light has three lights, but not all lights light at the same time. It’s the top light I want you to focus on. You want to match the color of your tomato to the color of the top light on the traffic light, but you will have only seconds to pick.

            To pick your tomatoes when the bottom light is lit will only yield you something tasteless and hard; be patient, wait for the top light.

            So let’s do this. You’ve positioned yourself in your tomato patch; you’ve got a good line of sight on the traffic light; or the camcorder is replaying the 30 minutes of traffic light changing you recorded.

            The bottom light is on………not yet…… not yet….Keep waiting, keep waiting……. NOW! START COMPARING, START PICKING, START COMPARING, START PICKING, COMPARE, PICK, COMPARE, PICK, COMPARE, PICK,….. KEEP GOING,  KEEP GOING,  KEEP GOING…………….OK  STOP! STOP!!!!

            If you picked a few that looked like the middle light during this picking frenzy just put them off to the side they’ll ripen up in a few days.

            Now wait for the top light again…….

            The trick here is to not jump the gun but to wait for the top light to come on, and to stop when it turns off. If you do this, if you are patient, you will harvest a fantastic crop of tomatoes

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