Friday, July 14, 2017

Cricket Thermometers

It’s a warm summer’s night; the evening air is filled with both the sounds of nightfall and the electricity of romance.

While sitting on the porch swing the astute young suitor listens for fourteen seconds, pauses, then listens for an additional 25 seconds. He then turns to his love and says; “it’s 79 degrees Fahrenheit, 26 Celsius out tonight. She turns to him, smiles, and tells him that he’s boring and heads for the door.

How did he know the evening’s temperature? And why is she back inside the house now?

He knew that if you counted the chirps of a common field cricket within a fourteen second period of time and added 40, you would then know the temperature in Fahrenheit. But he, being the thorough studious type, knew if you counted the chirps in twenty-five seconds, divide by 3 and added four, you would have the temperature in Celsius.

As to why she’s in talking to the folks…… I think that’s been made fairly obvious.

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