Monday, June 5, 2017

Vegetable and Fruit Mutants

           Watch out for vegetable mutants in the garden! Fruit freaks that look one way and taste another. I am referring to when you plant your cucumbers right next to the melon patch.

            To be in close proximity to one another is to possibly wind up with Cucum-dews, Water-cumbers or the dreaded Musk-cumber. They may look like what’s on the tray tag or seed envelope, but your taste buds will paint you a different picture.

            The bee is out there just collecting pollen, she’s not writing down where she’s been or what’s clinging to her feet; she’s just flying around lookin around, saying to herself, “Hey, there’s a flower, and Hey there’s a flower”, followed by still another, “Hey, there’s a flower”. So when you have your Cuc’s planted next to your Melons she’s just looking at them as a bunch of “close together” possibilities to speed up her gathering job, and with that comes cross pollination.

            So, to avoid this, plant them at opposite ends of your garden, no matter how small it might be.

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