Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Tomato Tips

            Give your tomato plants a leg up by putting them down.

            When you plant your tomatoes strip off a couple of the bottom leaves and plant then deep; the hairs on the stem will turn into roots giving your plant a better stronger root base.

            Cut Worms take bites out of young seedlings thus ending the plants life. Plastic drinking straws, (bigger the better) will be your answer to this dilemma. Cut them a 1 ½”long and slits them up the side. Because they are slit they will not constrict the plant as it grows.

            As your plants grow you will notice another little stem wanting to grow in the crotch of each stem union; pluck this out, it’s a sucker and it does what suckers do best, suck additional life from going to the tomatoes that are forming downstream.

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