Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Sharpen the Mower Blade:

            Let's say it’s Saturday and the kids are anxiously waiting for you, each one wearing his mask and swim fins. “Come on Dad! When are we going to the beach?” You would have been there an hour ago but you’re still chugging through the yard with the lawn mower. 

            You’re wondering why it’s taking so long. It’s bogging down like it’s low on oil. You keep pushing but you are noticing on the return trips some of the grass is still long, not all of it, just spots here and there.

            Fed up with your lack of progress you shut ‘er down. You check the oil and that’s fine, spark plug looks good, the gas is fresh. Then you check the blade…. might as well be in backwards for as sharp as it is; in fact backwards probably would have cut better, since it’s at least squared off, and  not a rounded edge like the sharp side is now. 

            What’s happening under there is the blade is lifting the grass like it should, but it’s just slapping at the grass like a couple of pool Noodles.  Sharpen the blade, or blades, and every revolution finishes its task with a clean effortless cut.

            Save the extra exercise the dull mower bade makes you exert for your kids. We weren’t put on this Earth to raise a lawn and grow some kids.

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