Sunday, July 2, 2017

My Job/His Job

            The Vegetable garden, to me, has been a great teaching tool in the area our responsibility, and what we are required to do; and God’s responsibility, the things He said He would take care of.

            One of the biggest Christian struggles has be “what am I suppose to do?” And “What can I let go into His hands?”

            In the garden a lot of things are going on. There’s planting, weeding, cultivating, watering, germination, light, growing, harvesting and so on. Each one has a little tag attached to it, and on these little tags it either says “My job” or “God’s job”.

            “God’s job” tags hang on the tasks of Light, Heat, Rain, Germination, and Growth. “My job” tags involve more “sweat of the brow” responsibilities (thanks a lot Adam), Plowing, Planting, Weeding, Cultivating, and Harvesting.

            He will not do our jobs, and we don’t have the power to do His. We can try, and we do in so many areas of our life with great frustration and failure, but the outcome is at the very least a wasted effort, and at the very worst a neglecting of our true responsibilities. This results in a collapse of the whole endeavor.

            So, we need to understand and stick to our jobs, and let Him do what He knows we can’t do. All the while keeping in mind that if He doesn’t give us our next breath we couldn’t even do what we are responsible for.

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