Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Mulching Your Garden:

            Nobody really likes to cultivate a friendship with the garden hoe.  Does anyone like the smell of the yard waste rollie-cart after you overslept on trash day, with the clippings sitting in there, fermenting another week? Why not put them to a better use!?

            The Prairie States are the envy of the agricultural world. Since time began they were waiting to become some of the richest farmland known to man. How did it get there?

            Dead grass.

            Dead grass upon dead grass for centuries made the prairie what it is today. Add to that a little calcium and soft rock blowing off from the Rockies, and a couple of Buffalo burgers here and there. But basically it was what shoots out the side of your lawnmower that gave States like Kansas its six feet of topsoil. So let’s bring a little of that thinking here to West Michigan. Instead of stinking up the rollie cart, spread it around your vegetable plants. It will smother the weeds and keep a lot of ground moisture from evaporating into the air.

            In a very short amount of time it starts to break down and turn into rich humus soil, so the weekly addition of more rarely becomes a problem, unless your garden is very small.

            It would be best to wait a week after you have fertilized your lawn so you don’t suck up a bunch of high nitrogen fertilizer; let it settle in some. Too much nitrogen will cause your plants to produce leaves and no veggies. A week’s worth of waiting will take care of this problem.

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