Monday, June 26, 2017

I'm Bored"

            We’re two week out now, summer’s in full swing. And about when the fireflies emerge from the ground a mantra begins welling up in the heart of the Adolescent…

            "I’m Bored!"
            "There’s nothing to do."

            And it’s never said with a sweet melodious tone; oh no, like fingernails on the chalk board we hear that whiney frowny, “oh woe is me, I could just die unless somebody entertains me” bemoaning sigh. Like they’re still in the nest with their beaks open expecting someone to bring them the “entertainment worms”.

            I have a solution; a vegetable garden.

            We had seven children under our roof and a garden that measured 160’ by 50’. My wife had “weed two rows” on the chores list that hung on the frig by each child’s name (starting at age 7 or 8). There was no play time until the rows were done.

            This may sound cruel to some, but we never heard “I’m bored”.
            It was out the door running, with an occasional “what are going to do? I don’t know, but it’s playtime!!”

            You won’t need a 160 by 50 plantation. Just something to give little fingers and short attention spans something to constructively do for an hour.

            Will they squawk and grumble? Yes. But hang tough, they will love and thank you later for it.

            My children’s good work ethic had its roots in the family garden; and they learned to like all kinds of vegetables ta boot.

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