Saturday, June 17, 2017

If Willy Wonka knew of this!

            For all you Chocoholics out there I am going to put down a mulch next week that will make you drool all over yourself; Cocoa bean mulch. It smells wonderful when you’re putting it down, and it smells equally great during each rain for two to three weeks after the application.

            Cocoa mulch lasts longer, smells better, gets darker with age and won’t bleach out in the sun. It retains moisture better than regular mulch and is an excellent insulator for root systems in
winter and summer.

            One bag covers approximately 22-24 square feet at 1 inch thick, which is all the depth necessary.

            If you spray it down thoroughly with water after spreading, it will not blow away. The shells will curl and interlock, creating a honeycomb effect, making for a carpet like bed of mulch.

            Insects are no fonder of this than any other mulch.

            Cocoa shell mulch has been used on all types of plant materials including annuals, perennials, flowering shrubs, narrow-leaf evergreens, broad-leaf evergreens, trees, vines, ground covers, roses, and many vegetables.

            But there’s a catch. Cocoa mulch is extremely toxic to pets, especially when curious dogs have access to the outdoors.

            Cocoa mulch is significantly more toxic than milk chocolate or even baker’s chocolate because it has quite a bit more theobromine in it.” Theobromine is the toxic compound in most chocolates that is responsible for the clinical signs seen in pets after ingestion.

            So be careful and considerate to your neighbors if they have pets.

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