Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fruit Tree Bumper Crop:

            This is only speculation on my part, but I’m basing this prediction on the fruit trees I have.

            Last year as you know the orchards were decimated by frost, very few fruit farmers had a crop to bring to market; those that did were the fortunate few.

             From the tree’s perspective they had a year of rest, which in the plant world paves the way
or a poetical bumper crop the following year.

            The reason for this is simple. Flower production saps energy from the tree, fruit production sucks a lot more than the flower. The frost nipped the buds, killing the flower and therefore eliminating the fruit. The trees were ready to produce fruit; they had the resources, but it was never tapped into. Now you have fruit trees out there with two years of reserves just champing at the bit to make fruit.

            Our spring was perfect for the bud and flower set, and, from what I have noticed on my trees, the rains came at just the right moment to wash out the fruit bugs that play havoc with the young upstart fruit.

            In my little orchard this “bug washout” has only happened once before, and the fall yields were tremendous, even though the year previous was a normal yielding year. This year I believe it’s going to happen again, only with a year of rest under their belts.

            So what does this mean in the “shopping cart”? What may happen is this.

            When the fruit first comes to market you may see the high prices of last year initially; but that will be very short lived. The prices will drop sharply due to the incredible harvest; simple law of “supply and demand”.

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