Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Drunk Hummingbirds

We’ll be sitting on our deck with friends and they will invariably comment on the number of hummingbirds that come to visit the feeders we have out. Some will inquire as to what they need to do to get started attracting a flock of their own; some tell of their own success in getting these little flying marvels to come visit their feeding stations. But then there are those that say “ we set out a feeder this spring, some came, but then they all must have flown north or something; haven’t seen a bird yet”.

I’ll look at my wife, and she at me, and I’ll ask; “when did you change the feeder water last?” They’ll look at us with a puzzled look on their face, “what you mean?” And that’s when we explain the way moonshine is made.

Hummingbirds need fresh, one part sugar/four parts water, nectar in the feeder. That means during normal summer temperatures you are changing it once every five to six days. But, during heat waves we’ve been doing it every three to four days.

Changing out the sugar water also means cleaning the feeders too; your feeder can become a Petri dish of death if you don’t.

So, if you want patrons to your culinary oasis keep your feeders fresh. Hummers are tea-totalers, not “bar-flies.”

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