Monday, June 12, 2017

Concentrating the Water:

            Keeping the dinner plate out of reach of the weeds helps to keep them suffering. Keeping them thirsty also adds to their misery.

            There will be an initial cost involved in this garden improvement, but it will pay for itself in one growing season.

           Soaker hoses (or weeper hoses as they are sometimes called) can be laid right alongside the vegetable plants; and water then can be concentrated on the plants rather than on the entire surface of the garden, thus the cost savings.

            The cost; can be greater or lesser depending on if you wish to move them from row to row, or supply enough hoses to leave them alone in their rows.

            Normal household water pressure can push water through 150 feet of soaker hose or hoses; any longer and the end suffers, and therefore the plants at the end suffer.

            Simple Y shut offs can make your soaker irrigation system easy to water 150 feet at a time. One branch of the Y is connected to the soaker hose and the other branch is fitted with a section of solid hose cut to fit as needed to the next Y. This way you have the ability to turn them on a off as needed.

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