Tuesday, May 9, 2017

What’s Flowering Out There Now?

            As you travel around you mayb e noticing some flowering things out there; and maybe you are wondering what they are. Maybe you don’t care. I’ll tell you anyway.

            The larger white flowers on the bushes that are 8 to 10 high are Star Magnolia. What you see is typically their finished height and width. It’s a very showy plant, mainly because of its placement in the landscaping, it’s generally takes a focal point position. It also comes in pink.

            The next one you may be seeing is the Weeping Cherry. These are grafted trees. That’s where there they take a cutting from a “mother tree” that weeps down, and graft it on to a cherry trunk. These too are typically focal point plants. They also come in either white or pink flowers.

            You can prune them like a head of hair, removing anything that grows out or up. Or just let them grow like a big Weeping Willow and remove nothing; finished height is around 30 feet.

            The final one is the Forsythia. Bright yellow and best planted out back where they can grow. If unwittingly planted by the house they become a gangly pruning nightmare; unless you have an Arnold’s Dwarf. The flowering of this one means you are fast running out of time for putting down the crabicide.  

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