Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The plants newly blooming out there now are:

Saucer Magnolia:

                        They are the big purple trees that can grow 20 to 30 feet high with a 25 foot
            spread. Full sun is a must. This tree likes acid soil, which means it will grow where most
            trees won’t.

                        The ground around the tree can get a little greasy when the peddles fall off, so it’s             best to let them dry up before you attempt to rake them up.

Flowering Pear:

                        This is the egg shaped tree that’s flowing white. In my estimation this is the
            perfect tree; nothing “bugs” it, nothing fungus’s it.

                       It has white flowers in the early spring, green glossy leaves during the summer
            turning red in the late fall.

                        The pear that is produced is round and about a ½  inch big. Once ripe in the early fall
            the Cedar Waxwings swarm in and clean them off.

PJM Rhododendron:

                        This acid loving plant is a dwarf; height is around 3 feet with an equal spread. If a             Magnolia will grow, a PJM will grow under it.

                        Light purple is the most common color, but pink is also available. Fertilizer is         
            not to be applied during the blooming time, or after August, but Rhodo fertilizer is a   
            must, all others are bone meal based and will kill them.

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