Saturday, June 3, 2017

Poison Ivy

           Saw my first Poison Ivy plant yesterday.

           If you're anything like me you can't get anywhere near Poison Ivy without spending the next two to three week scratching your skin off; and, I might add, it's not like snake venom, you don't build up an immunity to it. I have come to understand that you become more allergic with each major exposure.

            To get rid of Poison Ivy is going to be a rainless, three day undertaking, but an undertaking that needs to be done none-the-less if you wish success.

            First, you need to know what it looks like in order to avoid it in the first place, and to know what to eradicate.

            Next, involves the three rainless days of spraying with concentrated Roundup; yes, concentrated Roundup, don’t dilute it. You must then spray every Poison Ivy leaf surface you see, for Roundup will only work if it is absorbed into the leaves of the plant.

            Let me take a moment to say, sometimes other plants will be in the way, plants of a desirable nature……you must choose…….sometimes the good die young so the itchless need not scratch.

            Your mission the next day will be to spray the PI leaves again, with another spraying the third day.

            I would suggest a fourth day of spraying but the cellular structure of the plant will have broken down to a point where no more Round-up can be absorbed into the plant.

            Now, let me warn you, it will look dead in two week but don’t touch or grab it with your bare hands; the itchy substance of the plant is in an oil present in the plant, even though it is dead. Do not burn it either, the oil will suspend in the smoke; and you won’t be able to get your hand deep enough into your mouth to scratch your itching lungs.

            Just leave it, or, if you must, carefully remove it while wearing a long sleeve shirt and throw away rubber work gloves.

            Please study this picture carefully, cut it out and put it in your wallet or purse, get to know this plant, be able to recognize it on the fly. To not be astute in the profile of this harmless looking perennial will cause you great embarrassment in the presence of others, you will feel the eyes of them all as they whisper among themselves, “who’s the leper in the Calamine paint”.
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  1. I hadn't heard of this approach and will definitely be trying this!