Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Peepers....There's love in the air

            Get some warm weather and a little rain and there will be a cacophony of spring peepers serenading you into the evening.

            We sometimes think they were created for our evening enjoyment and that may be partially true. Thankfully for you I am well versed in the Peeper dialect and will now translate for you what they are actually saying.

            It is a difficult language to learn because it is tonal, and, they only repeat the same two words over and over again. To understand these two words is to unlocked the mystery of their communication. 

            It’s only the males that speak, and it goes like this:

            “Hey Baby, Hey Baby, Hey Baby, Hey Baby, Hey Baby, Hey Baby.”

            Even in the amphibian world the male idiot brain thinks this mantra is making the females swoon, but the ladies just roll their eyes and dismiss this feeble romantic attempt. They do however key into how he is saying his stupid line. Only the loud ones with the clear tune will gain the affection of the fair damsels. The rest, well I guess it’s back to Miss Toad’s class for another year of voice lessons.   

            Funny thing about these peepers, and the other frogs vying for the affection of these ladies in green or brown, is that for some reason the males think the females are better looking on the other side of the road, and the males on that side of the pavement feel the same way; so they pass each other, and do so at great peril. At this point, the car is their most common predator. 

            Of course not all engage this gauntlet across the asphalt, some find dates in their own neighborhood. But I do wonder what the daring ones are thinking when they do make it to the other side and find the same bunch of foggy faces they just left.

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