Saturday, May 6, 2017

Kwanzan Cherry:

            Big pink double blossoms are filing up this tree right now, and last longer on the tree than any of the other flowering trees out there.

            The extra set of flower pedals in this double blossom take the place of its ability to produce cherry, therefore no messy cherry carcasses to walk or mow through in the fall.

            As with all flowering trees it likes the full sun, and will grow in most all well draining soils. Japanese beetles seem to be attracted to it, (go figure, maybe they’re homesick), but a scented beetle trap placed 50 to 100 feet up-wind should lure them away.

            They start out their life very upright and vase shaped, but as they mature they begin to widen out, leaving them with a width about equal to its 30 foot height.

            The leaves start growing as the flowers start blooming, which is rare in the flowering tree world. The leaves start out coppery-bronze, which is a beautiful contrast to the pink flowers; they then turn a rich green for the rest of the summer. In the fall they put on another show and turn a reddish-copper color.

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