Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Gardening: Getting started (part one)

            A garden can be a great asset to the family. It can put a chunk of money back into the family grocery budget. It's a wonderful training ground for children; teaching them a good work ethic, and some basic life principles, like patience, contentment, and, the one my children claim is my favorite, "long suffering". It is also a quite place to go after a hard day at the rat races. By the way, if you decide to shoot your rat, remember, don't put him the compost pile, bury it by a tree or favorite shrub; no sense wasting a good rat. 

            If this is your first garden there will be some things that will need to be considered, like; a gardens need at least 8 or more hours of sun; curtain things don't grow well near the root systems of Black Walnut and Beechnut trees especially tomatoes; enough hose should be purchased to make sure the garden can be watered during dry times.

            Over the next few days we’ll look at things you should know and do so you don’t end up like this guy.
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